Position Description:
Music Director
Overall Function and Objective of the Position:
This person shall have general oversight of the entire music program of the Church with
primary responsibility for directing the Chancel Choir. The Music Director shall be
considered the Minister of Music for the Church and assist the Head of Staff with
supervision of the music staff.

The position will require a Bachelor's Degree in the field of music or equivalent
experience; with preference given to candidates who have experience and familiarity with
church music and worship in the Presbyterian tradition.

The Music Director shall be accountable to the Session through the Worship and Music
Ministry and under the immediate supervision of the Head of Staff.
Salary and Evaluation:
Performance and salary shall be reviewed annually by the Head of Staff in conjunction
with the Personnel Ministry.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The duties for this position shall include by not be limited to the following:
1. To select and perform music suitable and pleasing to the congregation and
planned in cooperation with the Head of Staff. This should include a balance of
both contemporary and traditional music.
2. To prepare and direct the Chancel Choir for Sunday morning worship services.
This shall include 1 weekly evening rehearsal and a rehearsal on Sunday morning
before the morning service when needed.
3. To order new choir music as needed within the amount budgeted for that purpose;
allocating portions of the music budget for Bell Choir music and Youth Choir
4. To see that there are sufficient copies of the music for all choir members.
5. To choose and prepare music sufficiently ahead of time to get fully familiar with
it and to enable the choir to perform it competently.
6. Get copyright approval and information for worship service music for Livestream
7. To be in charge of the music files for all choirs and see that they are maintained in
an orderly manner so that other members of the music staff have access to them.
8. To provide for the care and cleaning of robes for all choirs.
9. To prepare and conduct music for special services such as Maundy Thursday and
Christmas Eve in consultation with the Head of Staff.
10. To set up the time and dates for all choirs' participation in Worship.
11. To assist the Head of Staff with supervision and evaluation of all music personnel.
12. To serve as a member of the Worship and Music Ministry, working in harmony
with them to the greatest extent possible while carrying out any instructions
received from the Head of Staff.

Position Time Requirements:
The Music Director shall be responsible for regular rehearsals and performances of the
Chancel Choir from the first Sunday of September each year through the third Sunday of
May, and for scheduling soloists, small groups and additional service music throughout
the year, including summer choir on selected Sundays. Hours will vary according to the
time deemed necessary for preparation, but will be sufficient each week/month to fulfill
the responsibilities outlined above. In case the Music Director must miss work for any
reason, this individual will notify Head of Staff so an appropriate substitute may be
brought in.

This agreement between the Church and the Music Director may be terminated at the
option of either party without cause by written notice mailed or delivered to the other
party at least 14 days prior to the date of termination. Should the need arise; the Music
Director is entitled to meet with the Personnel Ministry to discuss the reason(s) for
Special Notes:

Interpersonal Relationship Expectations:
It is expected of each staff member to make every effort to be compatible with all other
church staff members in all aspects of their ministry and interpersonal relationships.
If there is a disagreement, it is expected that the persons involved will speak with one
another in person and make every effort to resolve the problem in a loving and Christian
manner, and in accordance of the teachings of our Christian faith.
If this step does not resolve the issue, it is expected that they will meet with the Head of
Staff or a member of the Personnel Ministry to work out a solution.
If further resolution is needed, then the persons involved shall meet with Personnel
It is expected that each member of the staff will have a copy of the personnel policy, will
be familiar with it, and will sign the form that a copy has been received.

Please reach out to with you resume.