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Class of 2017

Connie Davis
Joe Dougherty
Peggy Hutchings
Cherol Ohde
Marty Sears
Laura Sutton
Brad Westby

Class of 2018

Ernie Brazzale
Deanna Dyekman
Thomas Muhlbach
Phyllis O'Connor
Don Skoumal

Jim Symmonds
Maida Wedell

Class of 2019

Walt George
Greta Morrow
Phyllis Salzburg
Jeff Tish
David Uchner
Brenda Wilson
Marion Yoder

This governing board of the church consists of 21 members, called Elders, who are elected annually at the congregational meeting. Members of the Session oversee the work of the various church ministries: Building & Grounds, Christian Education, Finance, Memorial, Missions, New Life, Personnel, Worship & Music. Each of the ministries are listed further down on the page.


Class of 2017

Becky Logsdon-Dougherty
Judy Phillips
Hans Seitz
Harold Sidwell
Marlene Sidwell
Belinda Smith

Class of 2018

Julie Cook
Laurell Fogg
Judi Krieger
Ellen Kub
Sharon Novick
Margie Pepper
Rob Shank

Class 2019

R.D. Allaback
Phil Hayes
Amy Leavitt
Brent Leavitt
Sue Riske
Cheryl Soden
Norm Soden

Elected annually by the congregation, the Deacons seek to minister to people in need. From care facilities, to hospital visitation, to supporting local community assistance programs, they reach out to those in need in our congregation and community. In order to provide for the nurture and care of members, friends, and to help meet some of the needs of the community, the deacons have divided themselves into the four following committees:

Compassion CommitteeProvides lunches, dinners, coffee and cookies for families having experienced the loss of a loved one. This task is usually shared with other organizations such as: Friendship Mariners, and the Presbyterian Women’s circles. This committee also makes arrangements each year for the Easter Lilies that grace our sanctuary on Easter Sunday.

Fellowship CommitteeResponsible for fellowship activities within the church. This group coordinates the Fellowship Hour refreshments for each church service, as well as: potluck dinners, receptions, annual church picnic, and other special occasions as they arise.

Visitation CommitteeDivided into three groups: Hospital Team, Homebound Team, and Care Facility Team, our Deacons are responsible for visiting our members. They also distribute each Sunday’s memorial flowers to church members in hospitals and care facilities. Through the diligence of their work, we are able to have regular contact with these members, provide some loving care, and keep their information up-to-date.

Local Mission CommitteeCoordinates our church’s assistance for local agencies. They also organize the annual Christmas Outreach Program, providing gifts and food to families or children in need.

Other local ministries supported through the Deacons: Day of Giving, COMEA Shelter, Family Promise, Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless, Salvation Army, Needs, Inc., Habitat for Humanity, Caring for Children Program, Safe House, Boys & Girls Club, LCCC Campus Ministry.


Session Ministries

Building and Grounds

Every church building requires regular upkeep and maintenance in order to provide excellent space for worship and ministry. The hard workers on this ministry strive to make sure that everything stays in excellent working order - not an easy job in an historic building like ours. From regular upkeep to roof repair, installation of new equipment, and other important projects regarding the building, this group stays busy keeping our building beautiful for us all.

Christian Education

Our Christian Education ministry is active with many small group meetings happening during the week. We focus on three main areas: Adult Ministry, Youth Ministry, and our Children's Ministry. Other activities that take place during the week are: Adult Bible Studies, Small Group Ministries, Youth Worship Team, and our regular Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings at 8:15 a.m.


Being good stewards of the church's financial resources is a tremenduous job for anyone. But the people in the group are up to the task. From conducting the annual pledge drive and stewardship campaign to helping set the annual budget of the congregation, the Finance Ministry helps us to utilize the gifts God provides for our ministry in the best ways possible.


Every church has faithful people, who at the end of their time here, make gracious and generous gifts to the church as a remembrance. It is the task of the Memorial Fund Committee to oversee these funds and recommend how they are to be used by the congregation, in accordance with the wishes of the family. These funds have allowed our church to participate in many activities and mission projects that otherwise would not have been possible.


This group encourages the congregation’s support for the work of the Lord, nationally and around the world. Through special offerings, support of missionaries, and mission projects, our church tries to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. Our church proudly supports the special offerings of the denomination: One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking, and Christmas Joy. We also participate in the Theological Education Fund, in support of our Presbyterian Seminaries.

New Life

Designed to nurture the life of the congregation, New Life reaches out to those interested in our congregation. This ministry encourages: welcoming new members and visitors, contacting inactive members, and communicating our ministry and worship opportunities to the church and community. If you are interested in learning more about how to become a member, contact us: First Presbyterian Church.


The Personnel Ministry has oversight of all paid and volunteer staff members of our church. Conducting regular staff performance reviews, hiring replacement personnel when needed, overseeing the search process for new pastoral staff, listening to the concerning of existing staff members, review of job descriptions, review of salaries and recommendations for increases is all just a regular part of their duties to helping the church and staff have a great shared ministry experience together.

Worship and Music

The Purpose of this Ministry: To supervise and direct those functions relating to the corporate worship and devotional life of our congregation, recognizing that the worship and devotional experiences of our church members are vital to their own spiritual welfare as well as that of the corporate church; it shall supervise the ministry of music as a direct aid in our corporate experience of worship; it shall study and promote those activities in the church that will lead men and women and children into faith in Jesus Christ that will result in a devoted Christian life.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Troop # 116 was chartered to our church in 1943. Any boy ages 11-18 are invited to come and be a part of this time honored organization. If you would like more information concerning our Boy Scout Troop # 116, please contact Kathie Lake (307) 638-7842.


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