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Friendship Mariners is a social organization, based on a nautical theme - with Christ as our Pilot, the Bible as our compass, and the church as our anchor.

The group is made up of singles, couples, and families within our congregation. We are dedicated to adult fellowship and service to our church and community.

Membership is open to all adult members or friends of
First Presbyterian Church.



Friendship Mariners Officers 2017 -- 2018

Jean Marie Seitz
Tom Muhlbach

First Mate

Arny and Barb Lutz

Log Keeper

Dave and Cherol Ohde

Joan Anderson

Libby Barnett and Belinda Smith

Larry and Sue Barttelbort

Past Skippers
Paul and Pat Stenback

Lifeboat Chiefs

Lifeboat #1
Bob and Roberta Bolton
Ernie and Melinda Brazzale

Lifeboat # 2
LInda McGuire
Judy Phillips
Maida Wedell

Lifeboat #3
Need Volunteers



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