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30 Hour Famine
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30 Hour Famine is one of the youth mission projects during the year. For 30 hours, the youth fast and learn about an area of the world that is suffering from famine and hunger. They also recruit sponsors for these 30 hours to raise money to feed hungry children in that part of the world. Some of the culture is shared in many ways.

This year, youth built cardboard shelters to sleep in for the night, in order to learn a little of what it is like to have no home. During this time of fasting, the youth also do local projects to help those who need some extra help. This year, the youth helped some people with fall yard work, who would have a difficult time doing it themselves. Food and non-perishables were also collected to help local assistance agencies. The money raised during the 30 hour famine was enough to feed more than 8 children in Indonesia for a year

30 Hour Famine.

Adding a window.

Another pile of leaves.

Another sack.

Any more bags?

Are we done yet?

Ashtyn's Domain.


Breaking the fast.

Breaking the fast.

Breaking the fast.


Bringing in the leaves.

Build a shelter.

Build a shelter.

Build a shelter.

Build a shelter.

Build a tower.

Building a foundation.

Can't see a thing.

Cardboard city.

Chimney on top.

Cleaning the beds.

Collapsing wall.

Confirmation class.

Decorating the walls.

Don't needle me.


Doorway needed.

Drop it in.

Even John.

Finishing the window.

Future helper.

Future worker.

Geof helps.

Getting instruction.

Girl's house.

Give me more food.

Hard at work.

Help taken.

Here to help.

Here to help.

How's it looking?

I'm growing branches.

I'm waiting.

I can't believe it.

In the bag.

In the box.

In the man cave.

Inside the girl's house.

Interior decorator.

It's a race.


Juice break.

Juice break.

Juice break.

Let me help.

Let us at it.

Listen to what I say.

Mail box.

Man cave painting.

Man cave.

Many hands.

More foundation.

More leaves.

More over there.

Morning games.

Morning games.

My box, my box.

My own room.


Not a morning person.

Not a word out of me.

Packing up.

Packing up.

Packing up.

Picking up leaves.


Raking leaves.

Raking leaves.

Raking leaves.

Reading the instructions.

Room for more.

Rose garden.

Rose garden.

Scenic overview.

Small helper.

Starting the walls.

Tape on a shoe.

Tearing down.

Tearing down.

Tearing down.

That should do it.

The needles are the haystack.

Use a canvas.

What's in the box?

What are you learning?

What have I learned?

What have I learned?


Will this recycle?

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